MVCD Grad Show

How do you brand a design exhibition for twelve students from five different countries? As transplants to the Arizona desert, the analogy of a cactus pad represents the spirit of growth for the MVCD program at Arizona State.


This event identity was made with a scanner and the most iconic symbol of the southwest – a cactus. As a young graduate program, it was critical to peek the curiosity of the greater design community. Many students are transplants to Arizona, and like a cactus we have the ability to thrive in this new environment. The typeface was selected to connect with the cactus needles and organic nature of the visual. The color variations demonstrate how student designers think beyond what is already known or expected.


The Master of Visual Communication Design program at Arizona State University held the 2016 graduate showcase at Gould Evans Canary in downtown Phoenix.


Branding, Identity, Copywriting, Web, Advertising


Typeface donated by MuirMcNeil.