Synthesis Research Atelier

Since 2014 Arizona State has invested in a media lab with a rich global network of collaborators from the arts, humanities, and sciences. With such a flexible platform for research, how can a brand respond to their mission?

Visual Language

This identity system utilizes typography to demonstrate how the brain synthesizes information for understanding. Dark purple is a curious color with mixed emotional connotations, symbolic of the collaboration in Synthesis research. This color is also common in projected media and conveys the digital expertise of the center.

Why a rectangle?

Synthesis operates an intelligent stage environment capable of responding to human movement and performance through a system of IR cameras, projection mapping, and directional audio speakers. This square is designed in the proportions of the stage. The inside of the rectangle presents an opportunity to communicate events and performances at Synthesis.


Synthesis Center at Arizona State University is a trans-disciplinary research lab. Synthesis is a part of the Arts, Media, and Engineering department and supports a rich global network of collaborators. Synthesis originated from the Topological Media Lab at Concordia University in Montreal before opening at ASU in 2014. The goal of Synthesis is to blend knowledge and know-how to find meaningful ways of using the arts and technology to animate the worlds in which we live and play.


Branding, Identity, Print, Web


Client: Sha Xin Wei and Arizona State University