Sugo : A Kitchen Drama

Take six design students and give them one Bulthaup kitchen showroom. Ask the question: how does your culture and upbringing shape the use of a kitchen in the past, present, and future?



This installation during SUGO examines the specific spot in the kitchen that we claim as our own, where we have a sense of belonging and perspective of domestic life. Encounter is a media installation that invites the viewer to experience this space from my point of view.


Three videos were projected on the counter from above, telling stories of my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The videos were composed of line drawings animated in loops that blend into the wood grain of the Bulthaup surface. The projections are intimate, and require the viewer to sit at the counter, just as I would.


SUGO : A kitchen drama was a performance art installation held in the showroom of Bulthaup Kitchens in Scottsdale, Arizona in March 2016. Six design students collaborated to expose personal memories of domestic life in the kitchen. The installation was performed live in front of an audience accompanied by a pianist. This performance was an intervention of the showroom space, intended to make a commentary on past, present, and future use of kitchen spaces.


Motion Graphics, Digital Projection, Media Installation, Event Branding, Photography, Video Production


Curated by Elena Rocchi

Exhibited with Denise Funk, Afrida Hoque, Eduardo Robles, Nicholas Shekerjian, and Ling Wei

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