Tule Mezcal

What makes mezcal special is not the taste, but where it is from and how it is made. The Árbol del Tule is the largest tree in the world, located in a region with the best mezcalerias in Mexico. This brand is inspired by the distinct contrasts between the wild and farmed environment.

Two Systems, One Brand

This branding system has two symbols, the wild tree and structured fence. Both symbols are inspired by the gardens at Árbol del Tule and distinguish the wild and farmed mezcal options. To connect the logos, a custom typeface and logotype was made with elements of both organic and engineered lines.


The Tule brand is based on the Árbol del Tule, the largest tree in the world. Located very close to Oaxaca Mexico, this region is known for their production of mezcal.


Identity design, type design, branding


Photography by Christian Montoro